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You can go to IDLA in order to get a digital learning sesescions and avoiud the hassle of in classroom distractions while being able to work on it at home.

NoodleBib Express

Use Noodle Bib for all of you Bibliography needs! This site will help you do the hardest things and make it come out loking nice neat and orderly.

Deep Web

Salem Press

Fun Math Website

Here is a list of fun websites that will help you grow stonger in math while having fun!




Research Techniques

See Deep Web for help with using search engines.

Madgills Medical Guide

Banned Book Resoucres

Here are many sites that will help you learn and be able to read Banned Books:








Dont Plagiarize

How to avoid plagiarism and learn to summarize instead:

Evaluate Websites

Determine wether or not a website is legitimite:

Books online at Day by Day

Here are some sites that will help you when doing research. They will help with skills such as notetaking and Citing Sources.





The Lure of the Introduction

Learn how to make a good introduction for an essay or paper:

Read and hear stories online:

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